Almost Instant
ON Guarantee
24x7 Network
24x7x30 Online
99.9% Uptime

Budget Servers

$ 99.00 /month
  • 2x 500 GB’s of Space
  • Lithuania Data Center
  • 1Gbps Networks Upto 99TB
  • Core i3-530 (4x2,93Ghz), 8 GB RAM

Storage Servers

$ 299.00 /month
  • 2x 6000 GB’s of Space
  • Lithuania Data Center
  • 1Gbps Networks Upto 101TB
  • E5-2620v4 (2.4GHz), 16 GB RAM

Powerfull Servers

$ 599.00/month
  • 4X 1000 GB’s of Space
  • Switzerland Data Center
  • 1Gbps Networks Upto 999TB
  • Intel Xeon Westmere 5620, 24 GB RAM

Welcome To iWebHostU Technology

In 2017 we decided to focus on dedicated servers hosting services only. Most of our works now focuse will be providing reliable bulletproof hosting with protection from any encroachment, maintaining our clients’ rights to full freedom of information and independence. We distribute information on trustworthy platforms in Russia, Switzerlans, EU countries and Islands. There is plenty of room for another project on the internet – and we are prepared to provide you with it. We have always carefully protected clients’ websites from all attacks and claims. Our company policy, combined with experience, technical professionalism and time-tested arrangements with data centers guarantee that all data on our servers is fully protected from intervention by authorities, bothersome right holders, and organizations like Spamhaus. We value and treasure freedom on the internet because this is one of the few places where it still remains. more>>

Why Choose iWebHostU?

I can give you 100s of points here. But here you gives you only 3 of them. You can read more at our company info page.

  • Experience: We have 8 years experience that's hugh!
    and now wish to attain even more experience with your help.
  • Anonymity: We don’t need to know who you are, as person.
    You can pay by BITCOINs and others encrypted currency.
  • An Individual Approach: Share your projects with us,
    and we will provide ideal conditions and support.

Free Dedicated Server Migration

We facileted any Server Migration based on cPanel
to cPanel
will be 100% free of charge.

  • Free cPanel Transfers
  • Free Accounts Transfer
  • Free VMs Transfer
  • Free SQL Transfers
  • Free DNS Transfer
  • Free IPv4/6 Transfer