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Web Hosting

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Linux, Windows, JAVA
  • MySQL, PHP5, CGI...
  • Onshore / Offshore Host
  • Shared / Reseller Support
  • VPS Hosting

  • Free All Linux OS
  • KVM + Windows VPS
  • 1Gbps+ Speedup
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Dedicated Hosting

  • All 1Gbps+ Networking
  • Public Rapidleech Allow
  • FFMPEG Online Stream
  • Cloud and Protected Host
  • No-DMCA Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers

  • Unmetered Servers
  • USA / Non USA Servers
  • IPv4 and IP6 Allowed
  • Protected Servers
  • Supply within 5 Days
  • iWEBHOSTU Solid Cloud Networking v2.0

    With our High Availability Solid Cloud Networking Solutions - You receive guaranteed cloud hosting resources such as CPU, memory, network bandwidth, and IOps. The IWEBHOSTU'S SOLID CLOUD SERVER SOLUTIONS offer truly dedicated and protected resources while eliminating all single points of failure. Additionally, you have elastic F5 hardware load balancing, and cloud storage with total control through automation and self-service with separate MySQL Security and dedicated server with free Alerts! Than you decide what you are paying for! For any immediate help Call us at 009.1898.1958.197 Today.
        Most these days problem people face is Hyper SQL DDOS Attack, Bad Cloud with less connectivity. But here you don't have that issue any more. We sending you MYSQL Alerts each time you getting hyper MySQL. We target bad traffic and DDOS/Spoof attack automatically and let you know instantly. Also on this v2.0 we discover solid cloud networking which balance your computing 24/7/365.

    All Hosting Plans Included

    Since the begging of 2010 we started a mission to be green, we join the GO GREEN Project in the same year. After working 2 years finally we are certified as a eco friendly company. Our data centers are some of the most efficient. Specifically, our data centers use only 60% of the energy of most other data centers. Soon we will be the major company who has the biggest eco friendly data centers allover the world. more>

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